My silver work is done with a medium called precious metal clay. It can be handled and shaped  in ways similar to other clays, and becomes solid metal during the firing process. The particular clay I use becomes fine-silver: .999. (Sterling has a small amount of copper in it, making it .925.) 

My vessel pendants are made by first forming an armature and then carefully laying down layer upon layer of thinned-out silver clay. I form and attach the arms and some of the longer necks after enough layers have been applied. Each one is unique, because their armatures are burned out during the firing process. In fact, each one seems to have its own personality, and I've fashioned them all on leather cord so that they can be worn by women and by men.     

A limitless variety of textures can be impressed into and carved out of the metal clay, and so I collect all sorts of natural and man-made objects to incorporate into many of my jewelry designs. I also draw and carve designs onto rubber stamps and other texture plates, and I carve other details directly into the clay. Occasionally I incorporate glass, natural and man-made stones into my pieces.  

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